Min Kim is a graphic designer based in New York city. Currently he is working at Google.


School of Visual Arts
 ︎︎︎ BFA in Graphic/Interaction Design

Title Card and Poster Design for Lil Nas X
Typography and Print Design

Studio — Independent
Client — Lil Nas X
Role— Design, Typography, Lettering 

I aimed to enhance the impact of this project by creating an exclusive typography to introduce the music videos. To reinforce the image of dreamy atmosphere, I developed a graphic treatment inspired by fairy tale references, like the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

I created an iconic title from new forms, with lettering designed solely for the titles based on the typeface designed by Margot Lévêque. After that, I expanded on the existing design of the title card, by incorporating new typography treatment with 3D for his first concert tour in his support of his debut studio album, Montero(2021). Based on the new typography, I designed many different types of compositions and layouts, including prints, out of home, and socials.

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